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Fortinet troubles

fortinet troubles

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Without a match and proposal agreement, Phase 1 can never establish. Use the following command to show the proposals presented by both parties. The resulting output should include something similar to the following, where blue represents the remote VPN device, and green represents the local FortiGate. To confirm whether a VPN connection over LAN interfaces has been configured correctly, issue a ping or traceroute command on the network behind the FortiGate unit to test the connection to a computer on the remote network.

If the connection is properly configured, a VPN tunnel will be established automatically when the first data packet destined for the remote network is intercepted by the FortiGate unit. If the ping or traceroute fail, it indicates a connection problem between the two ends of the tunnel.

This may or may not indicate problems with the VPN tunnel. A green arrow means the tunnel is up and currently processing traffic. A red arrow means the tunnel is not processing traffic, and this VPN connection has a problem. A dialup VPN connection has additional steps. To confirm that a VPN between a local network and a dialup client has been configured correctly, at the dialup client, issue a ping command to test the connection to the local network.

The VPN tunnel initializes when the dialup client attempts to connect. This may or may not indicate problems with the VPN tunnel, or dialup client. If you have determined that your VPN connection is not working properly through Troubleshooting on page , the next step is to verify that you have a phase2 connection. FortiGate units do not allow IPcomp packets, they compress packet payload, preventing it from being scanned.

Testing Phase 1 and 2 connections is a bit more difficult than testing the working VPN. This is because they require diagnose CLI commands. These commands are typically used by Fortinet customer support to discover more information about your FortiGate unit and its current configuration. This makes the remote FortiGate the initiator and the local FortiGate becomes the responder.

Establishing the connection in this manner means the local FortiGate will have its configuration information as well as the information the remote computer sends. Having both sets of information locally makes it easier to troubleshoot your VPN connection. It may occur once indicating a successful connection, or it will occur two or more times for an unsuccessful connection — there will be one proposal listed for each end of the tunnel and each possible Troubleshooting connection issues.

For example if IPsec SA connect 26 Initiator shows the remote unit is sending the first message. The following section provides information to help debug an encryption key mismatch. When an IPsec VPN tunnel is up, but traffic is not able to pass through the tunnel, Wireshark or an equivalent program can be used to determine whether there is an encryption mismatch. A mismatch could occur for many reasons, one of the most common is the instability of an ISP link ADSL, Cable , or it could effectively be any device in the physical connection.

To verify, it is necessary to decrypt the ESP packet using Wireshark. Open the packet capture that is taken from initiator FortiGate using Wireshark. This information can be obtained from the output of the command diag vpn tunnel list. If the packet was encrypted correctly using the correct key, then the decryption will be successful and it will be possible to see the original package as shown below:.

Repeat the decryption process for the packet capture from the recipient firewall. If the decryption failed using the same key, the packet may be corrupted and the interface should then be checked for CRC or packet errors. By default hardware offloading is used. For debugging purposes, sometimes it is best for all the traffic to be processed by software. Ensure that both sides have at least one Phase 1 proposal in common.

Otherwise they will not connect. If there are many proposals in the list, this will slow down the negotiating of Phase 1. If its too slow, the connection may timeout before completing. If this happens, try removing some of the unused proposals. If routing is not properly configured with an entry for the remote end of the VPN tunnel, traffic will not flow properly. You may need static routes on both ends of the tunnel.

If routing is the problem, the proposal will likely setup properly but no traffic will flow. If one end of an attempted VPN tunnel is using XAuth and the other end is not, the connection attempt will fail. The log messages for the attempted connection will not mention XAuth is the reason, but when connections are failing it is a good idea to ensure both ends have the same XAuth settings. Most connection failures are due to a configuration mismatch between the FortiGate unit and the remote peer.

VPN server. Check Phase 1 configuration. Preshared keys do not match. Reenter the preshared key. See Phase 1 parameters on page Phase 1 or Phase 2 key exchange proposals are mismatched. Make sure that both VPN peers have at least one set of proposals in common for each phase. See Phase 1 parameters on page 46 and Phase 2 parameters on page NAT traversal settings are mismatched.

Select or clear both options as required. See Phase 1 parameters on page 46 and Phase 1 parameters on page For more information, see Phase 1 parameters on page Tunnel connects, but there is no communication. Prior to FortiOS 4. Alert email can be configured to report L2TP errors.

L2TP and diagnose debug application ike -1 diagnose debug application l2tp -1 diagnose debug enable. Use the execute ping command to ping the Cisco device public interface. IPsec tunnel does not come up. Check the logs to determine whether the failure is in Phase 1 or Phase 2. Check the encapsulation setting: tunnel-mode or transport-mode. Both devices must use the same mode. Check the security policies. Check routing. Select the Event Logging. Select VPN activity event. Select Apply.

Select the log storage type. Select Refresh to view any logged events. The policy should be configured as follows where the IP addresses and interface names are for example purposes only :. If it fails, it will remove any routes over the GRE interface. If you want multicast traffic to traverse the GRE tunnel, you need to configure a multicast policy as well as enable multicast forwarding. There are some diagnostic commands that can provide useful information.

When using diagnostic commands, it is best practice that you connect to the CLI using a terminal program, such as puTTY, that allows you to save output to a file. This will allow you to review the data later on at your own speed without worry about missed data as the diag output scrolls by. The output will show packets coming in from the GRE interface going out of the interface that connects to the protected network LAN and vice versa.

For example:. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. A re you looking for isp proxy on a budget? Check Blazing SEO. Super-Fast Speeds. No Subnet Bans. Amenities: Unlimited Connections, Flexible Pricing. FortiClient is more than just a VPN. It also provides compliance and endpoint protection, which are needed for large organizations to enforce policies and track and report security issues.

FortiClient also provides advanced threat protection against malware through its integration with FortiGuard. This endpoint protection offered by the Fortinet VPN safeguards users against the most advanced threats. While some internet users in China only want a way to access U.

In fact, malware associated with the Chinese government has been identified as the driver of spear-phishing attacks. Issues may arise when using a VPN to connect to the internet. Usually, the biggest issue is that the VPN simply cannot connect. Other times, the connection drops, or the connection is really slow. These troubleshooting tips can be used for the following versions of FortiGate: v5.

Check the URL to connect to. It should follow this pattern:. Use a computer on the local network to connect to the VPN, rather than a computer using a remote connection. If external authentication is used, create a local user and connect to the VPN using the newly created local account. If the FortiOS version is compatible, upgrade to use one of these versions. In addition, poor network connectivity can cause the FortiGate default login timeout limit to be reached.

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