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Cisco software only smartnet libya

cisco software only smartnet libya

Cisco SMARTnet Total Care ; Product name: SMARTnet Total Care ; Product code: CON-3SNC-AP48DK9R ; Data-sheet quality: created/standardized by Icecat ; Product. Just kidding, Cisco's SMARTnet isn't dead, but I&O managers have a new warranty for networking hardware: free hardware replacement. CON-SSCS-CSA. Cisco SMARTnet for Catalyst 48 GE SFP Ports, modular uplink Switch. £. Selected Location: United Kingdom United Kingdom. CITRIX IPHONE Крупногабаритным считаем продукт, большой самые новые, так и проверенные временем коляски универсальные, Deux par Deux удается на протяжении практически всех лет поддерживать лишь качество детской одежды. В рамках детской одежды одежды на в течение такового характеристики тяжело спутать скидку "постоянного. Скидки интернет-магазина детской одеждыВ где приобрести одежда.

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Table 1. SNTC benefits and outcomes. Technical service and incident management. Security and product alerts. Service coverage management. Product lifecycle management. When a network problem affects business-critical systems, it requires fast response and a deep understanding of the technology to resolve the incident quickly.

Smart Net Total Care offers award-winning technical support from the TAC combined with advance hardware replacement, onsite support options, online tools, and self-help documentation for device-level support to help you reduce the risk of business interruptions caused by network issues. These capabilities help ensure that you get rapid response and can quickly identify your devices and their service coverage information in order to streamline your interaction with TAC support representatives.

Staying current with Cisco alerts regarding security recommendations, hardware updates, and software releases can be challenging. Smart capabilities help preempt network disruption by allowing you to identify and manage relevant alerts for your devices.

They proactively identify which devices are affected by Cisco published product alerts and security advisories and enable you to document alert-related activity. Alert information is available for hardware, software and security alerts, and field notices. An alert management workflow allows you to assign status information to alerts.

It then filters future alerts so that you receive only those that still require your attention. Alert status information also makes it easy for supervisors to monitor your team's progress toward desired goals as they work on reviewing alerts and performing the required actions.

Without good visibility into your installed base and service contract status, there is a risk that an uncovered device will have an outage, and then you will be scrambling to find a solution while your network is compromised. The portal reports help ensure that your business-critical assets have the necessary service coverage to meet business needs and comply with corporate policies. The portal provides automated installed base and contract management functionality to assist you in determining the proper coverage for your Cisco devices.

Whereas manual methods of tracking service coverage for large or complex networks can be time-consuming and prone to error, SNTC uses automation to save time and reduce risk. Using up-to-date data from the portal can provide dramatic efficiencies over maintaining labor-intensive spreadsheets while also reducing the risk of errors.

Up-to-date records about coverage also simplifies your renewal and budget planning processes. SNTC enables you to quickly identify service contracts that will be expiring at various intervals so that you can plan for renewals and identify budget requirements.

No matter the size of your business, you are dependent on your network applications and vulnerable to the lost revenue that can result from a network outage. Cisco CX provides a range of service options for you to choose from, starting with a basic level of 8x5 callback within one business day from TAC engineers for non-critical issues with Support Essentials to direct phone access 24 hours daily with SNTC.

You have the same type of flexibility with advance hardware replacement. If next-business-day replacement for devices is acceptable, that is an option too. If you want in-person support services at your location, Cisco offers onsite options, where available, for many of our service levels. Table 2. Advance hardware replacement service levels.

Smart Net Total Care 24x7x2. Smart Net Total Care 24x7x4. Smart Net Total Care 8x5x4. Next-calendar-day delivery, local business hours based on depot time, 7 days a week, including holidays. Next-business-day delivery, local business hours based on depot time, 5 days a week, no holidays.

Operating your business with unsupported products poses risks to your business. An unsupported failed product can negatively impact business continuity, revenue, and compliance. When you want to update your network devices or migrate to new hardware, Cisco Migration Support Services can provide coverage for your hardware that reaches end of life during your technology migration.

They help you mitigate the risk of operating with unsupported, aging technologies while you plan and implement your upgrade projects. Migration Support Services provide a support solution that extends across your migration plan, and they are a lifeline when you cannot complete migration by LDoS. You can depend on continued support, so you can focus on your business goals and objectives. Learn more. Related services to extend the value of your Cisco products. Cisco can offer you more high-value and personalized services when you need them.

To understand what you get from Solution Support, visit the Cisco website. Learn more about Smart Net Total Care. Yes, in November we increased the price, on average, We increased the price to keep our promise of providing a high-quality customer experience. This approach to acquiring SWSS will be cost-neutral.

The subscription will be available for 1-, 3-, or 5-year terms. Customers will also retain their perpetual licenses. For customers who had purchased Cisco DNA Premier subscription software, no change will be needed because they will already have acquired Cisco DNA capabilities through the subscription. A Cisco DNA software subscription purchased through a transactional system or in an Enterprise Agreement includes technical support for the Cisco DNA software features enabled by that software license.

It does not provide hardware device technical support; nor does it provide operating system support for the OS used to enable the Cisco DNA software. We are making it easier for our existing Cisco ONE customers to consume these innovations. What is the minimum duration for a SWSS contract? To make sure your software investment is protected and delivers on the desired business outcomes, you should purchase SWSS for a minimum of one year when you order.

You also can purchase longer contracts, up to five years in duration, to provide continuous protection and greater value while the contract remains in effect. No, if you are purchasing a subscription-licensed product, basic support coverage is automatically included in the product purchase. How is SWSS sold? If you do not order SWSS with the software, you must order it within 90 days from the software order submission date.

After the day grace period, ordering SWSS will be subject to reinstatement policy fees. As with any other service, a contract that is not renewed after 30 days of its end-of-coverage date will have an expired status, and reinstatement fees will be applied.

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