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Mremoteng credential manager

mremoteng credential manager

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Do you access remote computers regularly? If you look after multiple servers, keeping track of remote connections gets challenging as the number of your managed servers grows. Using a remote desktop connection manager can help you take back control of your remote desktops. In this article, you will learn about five remote desktop connection managers to consider using. There are no trials and without limit to the number of managed remote machines.

This post is kindly sponsored by Devolutions. Devolutions is dedicated to providing universal password and access management solutions to organizations worldwide — bringing productivity and security together. Sponsors have no say-so in the writing of these posts. Devolutions offers two editions of RDM — free and enterprise paid. This article will only cover the free edition.

Moreover, even the free edition comes with features that may overwhelm first-time users. RDM has more supported connections that are too many to list here. Every remote desktop manager needs some repository to save data like remote hosts, credentials, or configuration. In RDM, data repositories are called data sources.

Data sources serve as the container of all the entries in RDM. However, there are other data source types you can use. Do you want your data source to reside in your cloud storage? Not all data sources have the same capabilities. We all know that bad things happen, and the possibility of data loss is always there. Luckily, Devolutions offers a free online backup feature with RDM. The Online Backup automatically backs up the data from your data source to the Devolutions cloud.

Devolutions claims that the Online Data is encrypted using a client key, therefore it is impossible for Devolutions to access your information. If you register a free Devolutions account , you can use the online backup feature in RDM. After enabling the online backup, RDM automatically backs up all data in your data source 30 seconds after making any modifications, such as adding or removing sessions.

You should enable the online backup to all your data sources if you have more than one. When needed, you can restore online backups to the current or new data source. Then, you can select which online backup to restore. If you decide to try out Devolutions RDM and are already using another remote desktop connection manager, you can import existing connections. For example, RDM supports importing sessions from various tools like those listed below.

The demo below shows importing remote desktop sessions from a mRemoteNG connection file. As a result, RDM creates new entries for the imported connections. Display modes are the different modes or layouts with how you can view your sessions. When opening a remote desktop session in RDM, there are three display modes — Embedded tabbed , Undocked , and External.

The list below briefly explains each display mode. Suppose you need to access information from a remote desktop, such as running services or the registry. RDM has built-in management tools for that, all located inside RDM, making admin tasks more manageable. With a single click, you can do the following actions. Devolutions RDM is more than just a typical remote desktop manager. Below are some of the other interesting features RDM offers.

Secure Information Manager — save credentials and even personal information as you would in a dedicated password manager. Moreover, the list below shows other information types you can save in RDM. Import Login — import your saved login details from other password managers.

Furthermore, the list below shows the third-party password managers RDM supports for importing. File Repository — save various documents and files into the data source such as the those in the list below. Web Browser — you can create a website entry optionally including the username and password. You can then open the saved website inside RDM, auto-filling the username and password if present. However, know that some sites do not support using web browsers embedded in a different application.

As a result, the below screenshot shows Google not allowing login saying that the browser might not be secure. For instance, the screenshot below shows an Excel spreadsheet inside the RDM spreadsheet editor. The Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager offers a lot of other features to explore. If you want to learn more, visit the support page, where you can find help documentation, tutorials, and more. The supported protocols as of version 1.

Handy if you use different computers. Not only does it make mRemoteNG portable, but the saved connection file s are also. Putting remote connections in a folder helps you apply the same configuration, including credentials to all remote desktops. Inheritance is optional, and its default state is off. You can turn on inheritance on each connection. There are only two display options to open remote desktop connections; tabbed and full screen.

The screenshot below shows mRemoteNG with opened remote desktop connections in a tabbed view, for instance. The connection file is saved in the same folder as the mRemoteNG executable file by default. However, mRemoteNG does not restrict the location where you want to save the connection file.

Meaning, it is possible to save your connection files to a cloud-synced location such as Google Drive or OneDrive. Additionally, mRemoteNG automatically keeps a backup of the connection file after saving every modification. Visit the mRemoteNG documentation to learn more. As of this writing, the newest version is 3. Also, there is no portable version for RD Tabs. Looking at the RD Tabs options, there are a lot of customizations to control remote desktop connections.

Below are some RD Tabs options. Saved remote desktop connections use a folder tree structure. Remote desktops are called favorites, and groups are called folders. For instance, in the screenshot below, there is one folder named Lab and two remote desktop connections under it. There are several viewing modes or layouts to open remote connections, such as multi-tabbed , detached tabs , and multi-pane.

RD Tabs also allows you to export all application settings and saved favorites. This feature helps keep RD Tabs configuration data portable, which also serves as a backup. And on the Manage Favorites window, click Export All to begin exporting all the connections.

On the RD Tabs options window, click on Export. A potential issue that you may encounter is not being able to save passwords. This policy means that you cannot save passwords when adding new remote desktop connections. When you launch the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, the first thing that catches your eye is its minimalistic and modern interface, a far cry from its legacy predecessor. Remote Desktop has a built-in credential manager, which lets you save multiple credentials.

When adding new remote connections, you are allowed to select a saved credential from a dropdown. Choosing from pre-saved credentials helps avoid login errors and account lockouts, as a result. Because using this option means that you may only view one remote desktop at a time, which can be challenging when managing multiple remote desktop sessions. For example, the screenshot below shows the single-window remote desktop view in the Microsoft Remote Desktop app.

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